QUESTABOX is a creative curriculum leader who develops and provides maker-centered classes that spark problem solving, creative writing, critical thinking, sharing, and self-driven learning. 
Our vision is to enable students to drive their own learning and creativity. 
We combine writing (both creative and academic) and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics) projects in unique and exciting ways. Through small group ratios, multi-sensory learning, and inquiry-based real-world projects, students learn to use creativity and self-expression to envision and build new worlds. 

Our core values are “Imagine, Make, and Share” because we believe in supporting students who have the need, potential and motivation to:

IMAGINE new opportunities as they learn,
MAKE and design creative ways to express themselves, and
SHARE​ within a diverse community as they acquire skills for respectful teamwork and problem-solving.

We are not a school. We are a fun place where imagination, real-world projects, and creative writing meet.

Qualified, innovative, and passionate teachers will guide you through the steps leading to the final productions about various topics and themes you like to write and make.  We encourage students to design and test new solutions, and build their capacity to solve problems and persevere in spite of obstacles.  We care about learning the social skills required to make friends and work together effectively and respectfully.  
Letter from the Founder 


Dear QUESTABOX-Friend,

I am thrilled to say that we will be meeting your family this summer in 2018.  Many of you have heard about us from your friends, summer camp fairs, or Facebook postings.  I know how difficult it can be to find a reasonably-priced program that helps your child discover the joy of learning while having a safe and fun summer.
I started QUESTABOX as a mom of two children.  My fifth grader has a great love for Rubik's cube solving while my five-year-old has no fear venturing out to new things and questioning everything around her in a very(!) free-spirited way.  For me, it was always exciting to find the "just right" educators and classes that guide and nurture our kids' different passions into creative problem solving and growing resilience to failures, rather than just drilling some subject content.
We have been working hard to make your QUESTABOX experience unique.  I am very happy to share our various STEAM + Writing programs, such as Writers & Makers summer camp, STEAM + World Language, Coding+Writing, Makers Book Club, Food Science + Writing, and more.
This is what we do in every class where anyone can be writers and makers at the same time. 

1. Imagine!

2. Design & Make!

3. Share & Improve!

We'd love to hear from you! Send your questions, comments, stories about your child and his or her expectations on summer camp to young@questabox.com.

Let's make this summer memorable together. :)

Young Hah
Founder & Curriculum Developer
QUESTABOX - Imagine, Make, Share