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    Program Objective: 
    Campers will express their creativity and build their writing skills through STEAM activities, focusing on a different theme and project every two weeks.

    IMAGINE - Encourage and guide children’s imagination through the steps of logical thinking behind how people comprehend language, invent new ideas and stories, and make decisions.
    CREATE - Spark creativity and learning through designing and making stories, songs, coding games, robots, experiments, and more.
    SHARE - Nurture each child's strengths, teach to learn from others, and persevere through obstacles.


    Program Advantage:
    Learn to express oneself in writing and STEAM projects

    Helps kids to be more creative!
    Have fun and make friends!


    Technology + Writing
    Campers will design and create their own characters and fantasy world. Campers will love programming their own stories into coding games!

    Science + Writing
    Campers will travel the world through science adventures and create stories, a scrapbook, and a podcast for a Science Share Tour!

    Math + Writing
    Campers will plan a road trip around the nation and discover math secrets and hidden logic! Campers will love sharing their realistic fiction travels on their own blogs!


    Grades:  Grades 1-7
    Grades 1-2 Program (2-week registration is required)

    Grades 3-5 Program (2-week registration is required)
    Grades 6-7 Program (2-week registration is required) 

    Camp Schedule: 

      Time Activity 
       8-9 am Extended Care (Optional)
      9-9:30 am Morning Meeting
      9:30-10:30 am Writers’ Quest 1 (General)
      10:30-12 pm Writers’ Quest 2 (Focused)
      12-1 pm Lunch & Free Play
      1-3 pm Makers’ Quest 3 (Project)

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