Makers Lab: CHINESE

Makers Lab: CHINESE

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Our Mandarin curriculum is designed for students to explore 12 levels of hands-on Chinese adventures that will help students learn to speak confidently by making music, art, drama, math games, science experiments, creative books, and more. Each level is 8 weeks long.

Classes to be determined based on grade level, age, and language proficiency/needs.

Please contact your location for more information and class availability.
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For PreK to Grade 5: 1-hour sessions

Curriculum Stages


First Steps of Learning Chinese:
Tones, Sounds, and Shapes of Chinese Characters

Level 1: Music

Level 2: Art

Level 3: Drama

Word Inventors:
Listening and Speaking in Sentences

Level 4: Math

Level 5: Language Arts

Level 6: Handwriting

Creative Readers:
Listening & Retelling Short Stories

Level 7: Vocabulary

Level 8: Reading

Level 9: Games

Little Writers:
Creative Storytellers in Various Contexts

Level 10: Science Experiment

Level 11: Social Studies

Level 12: Creative Writing