Makers Lab: KOREAN

Makers Lab: KOREAN

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Students will learn to express oneself in Korean in various fun, hands-on ways that encourage them to learn by creating one’s own letters, words, and creative stories. They will grow as confident Korean speakers, writers, and makers! 

Classes to be determined based on grade level, age, and language proficiency/needs.

Please contact your location for more information and class availability.
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For PreK to Grade 5

Beginners: Letters (24 sessions), Words (8-16 sessions) 
Learn to express their ideas, thoughts, and feelings with confidence. They will learn to recognize the sounds and shapes of basic Korean alphabet and how to sound out blended letters and and to write basic words. 

Intermediates: Reading Comprehension (24 sessions), Storytelling (24 sessions)
Learn to read short stories and understand the meanings and intentions of each story. Plan, express, and elaborate one's own thoughts and feelings in writing while reading and making various stories. 

Advanced: STEAM (36 sessions), History (36 sessions), Book Club (36 sessions) 
Create & test solutions, explore & connect history to our everyday lives, and create & publish various stories including fiction, non-fiction, and more by using Korean.