Makers Lab: Writers and Makers Class

Makers Lab: Writers and Makers Class

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Be creative writers and makers while working on various hands-on projects of QUESTABOX! Makers Lab classes will be a combination of the class descriptions below. Teachers will develop class schedules based on the needs and interests of each group of students.

Please contact your location for more information and class availability.
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PreK: One-Hour Classes
Grades K - 2: Two-Hour Classes
Grades 3 - 5: Two-Hour Classes

[Creative Coding + Writing
In our Makers Lab, students will learn to write various types of fiction and make coding projects while accomplishing five innovative units of Mini-series, Mystery stories, Fairytale adaptations, Sci-Fi, and Journal writing.

[Makers Book Club
Also, students will discover the joy of reading various books together by topic/author. They will build up the confidence in expressing oneself through age-appropriate, creative book response activities such as creative writing, discussion, experiments, arts & crafts, drama, cooking, or more hands-on projects.

[Food Scientists
Moreover, students will spend some semesters exploring the science and history behind a variety of foods, such as ice cream, dumplings, and salad dressing! They will learn to become creative problem solvers while making science experiments, storytelling, and writing.